50 Epic Things to Do For Your 18th Birthday Party & Milestone Celebration

50 Epic Things to Do For Your 18th Birthday Party & Milestone Celebration

Turning 18 marks an exciting transition into adulthood, opening up new experiences to enjoy with friends. This comprehensive guide on things to do for your 18th birthday provides creative activity ideas to make your celebration memorable. From birthday parties filled with cupcakes and balloons to beach picnics, amusement park trips, karaoke sessions, escape rooms, and more, it offers diverse options catering to different budgets and interests. Gain inspiration on how to have an unforgettable 18th birthday!

Best Things To Do For Your 18th Birthday

Turning 18 marks your entrance into adulthood granting you new legal rights, so things to do for your 18th birthday center around celebrating this milestone through parties and activities that create lasting memories. Plan festive bashes with friends or personalized excursions as you embrace both the freedom and responsibility that come with turning 18 years old. Your 18th birthday celebration kickstarts an entirely new life chapter!

1. Go To The Beach

Soak up the sun and make a splash by spending your birthday at the beach with your friends. Pack a picnic filled with your favorite snacks, set up volleyball nets or throw around a frisbee, and be sure to capture moments from the special day with a waterproof camera. End the day gathered around a beach bonfire as the sun sets.

2. Go Bowling

Strike up some fun with bowling on your birthday. Challenge friends to bowl against you and enjoy tasty snacks like hot wings, pizza, and cake between frames. To up the ante, give out silly prizes for the highest and lowest scorers.

3. Movie Marathon Night

Entertain yourself with a movie marathon of your favorite flicks or classics you’ve yet to see. Deck out the screening room with plush pillows and blankets and curate a selection of movie theater candy to munch on. Theme the movies around your birthday numerical, like selecting films with “18” in the title.

18th birthday celebration ideas: go to the beach

4. Video Game Party

Game on by hosting a video game tournament with friends on your big day. Make it multiplayer by breaking out party titles like Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. Serve up energizing snacks like chips and soda to power through the virtual fun.

5. Sleepover Party

Recapture childhood birthday magic with a celebratory sleepover party. Stock up on nostalgic junk food like pizza rolls and candy, queue up favorite throwback movies, play truth or dare, and stay up late reminiscing about old memories and making new ones.

6. Birthday Picnic

Spread out a blanket at the park for a relaxed picnic get-together. Prepare finger foods like sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, hummus, and desserts to nosh on outdoors. Toss around a frisbee, play lawn games, or just soak up nature and chat with loved ones.

7. Donut Display

Indulge your sweet tooth by setting up a sprinkle-loaded donut display. Buy an assortment of gourmet donuts in different flavors and arrange them artfully on stands for yourself and your friends to sample. Cap it off by sticking 18 candles in select donuts and lighting them up to blow out.

8. Polaroid Picture Station

Set up a DIY Polaroid picture station to capture candid memories throughout your birthday fun. Hand out stick-on mustaches, funny glasses and props for photos. Display the snaps on strings or a photo backdrop as unique party décor.

9. Out for Dinner

Mark your coming-of-age by going out for a classy dinner at your favorite restaurant. Get dressed up and order tasty cocktails and upscale entrees to dine in sophistication. Indulge in a decadent dessert like lava cake, finished off with a sparkler candle wish.

ideas for turning 18: go bowling

10. Afternoon Tea

Treat yourself to an elegant afternoon tea party on your 18th birthday. Brew specialty tea blends and arrange a tiered display stand with petite finger sandwiches, scones, macarons, and cakes for the ultimate girls’ get-together.

11. Mean Girls Party

Channel your inner Plastic by hosting a Mean Girls-themed birthday bash. Dress up as characters from the iconic movie, decorate with Burn Book pages and pink décor, serve Swedish meatballs and Jingle Jangle, and settle movie debates through trivia games.

12. Backyard Festival Party

Bring lively festival vibes to your birthday by staging backyard carnival games and activities. Set up booths for face painting, tie-dyeing shirts, bean bags, and ring tosses. Hand out tickets to friends so they can redeem prizes you’ve stockpiled.

13. Boho Birthday

Break out the dreamcatchers, pom poms, and macramé for a far-out bohemian-style 18th birthday party. Outfit yourself in flowy pants, crop tops, and flower crowns. Take lots of Polaroids in cozy lounge areas with plush rugs, pillows, and cozy lighting.

14. Denim and Diamonds

Go glam with a denim and diamond dress code for your milestone celebration. Pair your favorite jeans with loads of sparkle via sequined tops, flashy jewelry, glitter makeup, and shimmering details on clothing and accessories.

15. Luxurious Spa Day

Pamper yourself like a queen by booking treatments at a cushy spa for ultimate relaxation on your big day. Choose from massages, body scrubs, rejuvenating facials, mani-pedis, and aromatherapy bath soaks for blissful indulgence.

18th birthday event ideas out for dinner

16. Mocktail Tiki Bar

Beat the heat by opening up your very own tiki bar in the backyard or basement, mixing up virgin piña coladas, mai tais, and other fruity mocktails. Decorate the space with bamboo, fishing nets, leis, tropical flowers, and faux parrots for ultimate island vibes.

17. Shopping Spree

Treat yourself to a personal shopping spree on your 18th, whether in boutiques or thrift stores, to pick up fun accessories, makeup products, clothing items, or shoes. Make a day out of hitting different stores and enjoy lunch at a cute café between stops.

18. Hotel Party

Party like a VIP by hosting your bash at a hotel suite decked out with gorgeous views and lavish décor. Order room service eats, hang out in plush bathrobes, dance to a Bluetooth speaker playlist and crash in comfy beds when you finally call it a night.

19. Matching Tattoos

Commemorate turning 18 and gaining the legality to ink up with coordinating tattoos for you and your best pals. Research designs together that have shared meaning about your friendship and book appointments to permanently display sentimental body art.

20. Silent Disco

Dance the night away at an awesome silent disco birthday party. Hand out light-up headphones to yourself and friends which all sync to a DJ’s music mix. Show off fun moves and enjoy an experience where you control the vibe and volume.

activities for 18th birthday party Backyard Festival Party

21. Costume Party

Get into character by throwing a costumed dress-up party with friends for your 18th birthday bash. Select a fun theme that inspires creative outfits, like decades, superheroes, movie characters or historical time periods. Award prizes for best costumes.

22. Karaoke Night

Belt out fan favorites and laugh hysterically with friends by rocking an at-home karaoke night on your 18th birthday. Access song libraries via smart TV apps and pass the microphone around between snack breaks and dance sessions with colorful stage lights flashing.

23. Pool Party

Take a dip to amazing tunes by hosting an 18th birthday pool party if weather permits. Inflate giant swans and flamingos for floating fun and serve up refreshing bites like watermelon, popsicles and summery cocktails in pineapple cups.

24. Hiking Adventure

Explore the great outdoors for your 18th birthday by hitting local hiking trails with stunning views. Pack delicious sandwiches and trail mix then take scenic snapshots at Mountaintop lookout points and lush forest areas along the way.

25. Foam Party

Get wild and sudsy by throwing a foam party with bubble machines filling up your backyard. Prepare for messy fun as the foam envelopes the dancefloor while you and your friends slip and slide to booming beats in a soap-filled dance party unlike any other.

best ways to celebrate 18th birthday Movie Marathon Night

26. Weekend Trip

Jet set off to a vibrant destination over the 18th birthday weekend for incredible sights, new cuisine, cultural experiences, and epic nightlife. Share a hotel room with besties and create unbelievable memories exploring all a new locale has to offer as a legal adult.

27. At-Home Clubbing

Party into the night from the comfort of your home by transforming your basement into a lively club atmosphere. Set up colorful lighting, neon signs, a makeshift bar area, loudspeakers, disco balls, and a smoke machine for thumping dance energy until sunrise.

28. Go To a Concert

Bust a move to your favorite musician’s hits by scoring tickets to their concert for your 18th birthday gift. Belt out iconic lyrics among throngs of fans, get lost in brilliant light shows, and experience the rush of musical performance energy pulsing through the crowd.

29. Games Night

Get your game face on by hosting a competitive games night with friends on your milestone birthday. Break out beloved board games and entertaining card titles for hours of battle-tested fun and laughter-filled bonding all evening long.

30. Theme Park

Enjoy exhilarating rides, entertainment and magical memories for your special day spent at an incredible theme park. Scream your heart out on rollercoasters, conquer extreme attractions as a newly legal thrillseeker, and nosh on over-the-top snacks between adventures.

celebrating 18th birthday Afternoon Tea

31. Decade Party

Take a blast from the past by throwing a decade-themed costume party set in a nostalgic era of your birthday numeric. Research trends regarding fashion, music, food, and culture ahead of time so you and your friends can wholly immerse yourselves in the iconic decade with authenticity.

32. Fright Night

Get gore-geously gruesome by having a scary movie marathon for your 18th birthday fright night. Transform your viewing space into a creepy horror haven and watch slimy, chilling flicks well into the evening hours under cozy blankets.

33. Poker Night

Go all in to win big at a thrilling poker night with friends in honor of your newly legal gambling age status. Concoct cocktails, arrange table snacks, and deal out cards to see if lady luck may be on your side for casino-style birthday betting.

34. BBQ Party

Fire up delicious barbecue fare and lawn games for birthday festivities in the sunshine. Grill up saucy ribs, vibrant kebabs, and other tasty BBQ creations while friends play cornhole, spike ball, or ladder ball in an unbeatable summer kickoff.

35. Bring a Board Night

Challenge guests by throwing a Bring Your Own Board Game party for unlimited rounds of amusing competition. Peruse friends’ obscure and mainstream title selections trying out games you’ve yet to experience for a night of discovery.

creative ideas for 18th birthday Mean Girls Party

36. Murder Mystery Party

Host and take part in a riveting murder mystery party on your big night as a sleuth star searching for clues to crack the fictional case. Assign friends intriguing character roles and prep thematic costumes, decorations, invitations, and suspicious evidence to piece together.

37. Outdoor Movie Night

Snuggle up under the stars for a sentimental outdoor screening of your all-time favorite flick on your special night. Layer cozy blankets on lawn chairs, fill coolers with refreshing movie snacks, and enjoy a cinematic evening beneath twinkling constellations.

38. Birthday Photoshoot

Strike sassy poses in front of professional cameras to commemorate your milestone birthday through stunning portraits. Select creative backdrops around town, outfit changes showcasing your personal style and edit images to post with pride on social media.

39. Escape Room

Team up with adventurous allies to navigate thrilling escape room challenges celebrating your new legal escape status into adulthood. Decode clues, discover passages and unlock tricks in an immersive interactive brain teaser race against time.

eighteenth birthday party themes birthday picnic

40. Cooking Class

Learn kitchen skills from professional chefs by taking exciting cooking classes for your 18th birthday feast preparations. Master kneading fresh pasta dough, saucing succulent braises, or decorating eye-catching desserts through hands-on culinary workshops.

41. Bridgerton Party

Travel back in time with a Regency-era soiree inspired by the hit Netflix series complete with orchestral string music and high society snacks on tiered platters. Don corsets, pearls, and tailored suits for a magical evening of refinement.

42. Enchanted Forest

Awaken your inner elf or fairy by transforming your party space into a dazzling enchanted forest. Adorn walls with birch bark and faux foliage, display magical trinkets on tree stump tables and accent with twinkling string lights overhead for whimsical ambiance.

43. Go Sightseeing

Play tourist in your own town for incredible 18th birthday adventures revealing stunning local gems. Visit famed institutions, architectural attractions, lush parks, and picturesque natural landmarks guided by those in the know to insider hotspots.

exciting 18th birthday party ideas video game party

44. City by Night Tour

See familiar metropolis sights in a fresh light under glistening night skies via open-air bus by night with friends. Pass iconic landmarks as vibrant lights illuminate historic buildings, bridges, and fountains on this after-dark sightseeing experience.

45. Segway Tour

Zoom your way around prominent attractions by booking an exciting Segway tour for your 18th birthday guided expedition. Master navigating the self-balancing transporter and earn bragging rights by conquering this futuristic-feeling vehicle stride.

46. Paintballing

Enter Battle Teen Zone celebrating newly legal overage status for adrenaline-pumping paintball matches. Form teams for heart-racing showdowns evading splatter amid maze courses and barriers protecting base camps.

47. Roller Skating

Get your groove on at a festive birthday bash event held at a flashy retro roller rink venue. Show off fun choreography skills across the smooth wooden floor to beloved throwback and current bops broadcasting overhead.

unique 18th birthday ideas denim and diamonds

48. Scavenger Hunt

Lead teams on thrilling scavenger hunts staged around neighborhoods or downtown areas solving clever clues guiding you to the next mystery checkpoint destination along the route.

49. Visit the Lake

Make waves on a laidback lakefront celebrating your birthday by the water with loved ones. Swim out to rafts grounded offshore, play rousing volleyball matches, and craft boho friendship bracelets lakeside as the sun beams down.

50. Use a Guestbook

Preserve heartfelt well 18th birthday wishes from friends by providing signature guestbooks at your party where they can pen you touching notes commemorating their love on such a momentous occasion in your life.

51. Buffet Restaurant

Indulge your growling stomach by booking tasty all-you-can-eat reservations at your favorite appetite-appeasing buffet eatery boasting unlimited trips for every craving from seafood to pastries.

52. Visit a Museum

Feed your ever-curious mind by planning informative museum visits on your 18th birthday to view rare artifacts and absorbing exhibitions spanning everything from art to aeronautics in these storied cultural institutions.

things to do on 18th birthday sleepover party

53. Volunteer Party

Warm spirits through selfless service by throwing a volunteer party at a deserving charity for the community where you and your friends donate time assisting their noble efforts towards progress.

54. Go Wild Camping

Bond beneath the stars overnight celebrating your milestone birthday bash while camping au naturel without modern amenities forcing you to tap into survival instincts navigating site setup through campfire building, meal prepping, and tent pitching.

55. Go Thrift Shopping

Scour secondhand stores with besties to embrace sustainable fashion you can feel good about

56. Home Dinner Party

Gather loved ones around a homemade meal featuring your favorite dishes prepared especially for the occasion, allowing intimate celebrations in comfortable home settings.

57. Lawn Game Party

Get playful in the sunshine by organizing outdoor lawn game competitions daring friends to the cone of shame in bag toss, croquet trick shots, or wobbly legged races three-legged sack relays built friendship bonds.

fun things to do when you turn 18 boho birthday

58. Party in the Park

Soak up the sunshine and gorgeous nature surrounds by hosting festivities within lush community green spaces perfect for unfolding lawn blankets and tucking into picnic feasts.

59. Selfie Studio

Build boho photo fun stations with ring lights, chic backdrops, props, and signage for selfie-snapping extravaganzas where creativity reigns.

60. Video Game Tournament

Game on by hosting a virtual video game tournament challenging friends to Mario Kart Grands Prix or Super Smash Bros. showdowns to achieve birthday champion bragging rights.

61. Virtual Game Nights

Log onto multiplayer servers for captivating virtual game nights as custom characters cooperate crossing digital worlds together or competing in trivia death matches.

62. Online Trivia

Test pop culture prowess and obscure knowledge during enthralling trivia sessions by logging into online servers to face off against other competitive players.

how to celebrate becoming 18 donut display

63. Virtual Escape Rooms

Conquer interactive puzzles during virtual escape room adventuresfrom anywhere guiding your avatar to locate clues and unlock tricks before times run out.

64. Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Accept digitized scavenger hunt dares across web channels and social media sites as creative online hosts provide obscure image examples to digitally replicate and submit.

65. Dinner Party

Toast your milestone surrounded by loved ones over home-cooked feasts or decadent restaurant reservations commemorating shared memories between courses.

How To Make an 18th Birthday Special

Your 18th birthday deserves a meaningful celebration because turning 18 signifies becoming an adult, a major life milestone. To make this rite of passage extra special, a special 18th birthday requires personalization – customize details based on your interests, values, and dreams to mark the occasion uniquely.

Here’s how to make your 18th birthday Special:

  • Reflect on memories and visualize future dreams – Spend time reminiscing treasured moments from childhood while envisioning the bright opportunities ahead as an adult.
  • Express your creativity – Make customized decorations that show off your personality, bake a cake that looks gorgeous and tastes delicious, or plan a photoshoot in decor that fits your style.
  • Give back – Volunteer for a cause you care about or donate to a charity in lieu of gifts to fill your heart on your special day.
  • Treat yourself – Book a spa package, go on a solo adventure somewhere new and exciting, indulge in your favorite meal – make the day all about cherishing yourself!
  • Spend quality time with loved ones – Gather your closest friends and family for an intimate dinner party, heartfelt speeches over cake, and quality bonding.
  • Document memories from the day – Capture smiles and laughter by taking lots of pictures, writing a reflective journal entry about your thoughts, or keeping mementos in a memory box.
  • Do activities that speak to your soul – If you love the arts, surround yourself with music, paintings, theatrical performances, etc. If you’re outdoorsy, go hiking or camping under the stars. Pick what fuels you!

The key is personalizing details so the day honors the person you are and want to become in this next chapter of adulthood. Make your 18th birthday purposeful and close to your heart.

memorable 18th birthday activities mocktail tiki bar

How Can I Celebrate My 18th Birthday Without a Party?

If you want to celebrate your 18th birthday without a big party, know that 18th birthday celebrations do not require big parties – especially if large crowds and constant social stimulation do not appeal to you. Introverted people often prefer low-key celebrations instead, so make the day special by planning personalized activities you find genuinely enjoyable.

Huge parties are not necessary to make milestones special, and introverted teens may feel happiest with intimate experiences aligning with their own interests. Example ideas could cover:

  • Booking appointments to treat yourself – spas, salons, massages
  • Doing solo outings in nature – camping trips, hikes in beautiful parks or forests
  • Exploring your own city like a tourist – museums, landmarks off the beaten path
  • Testing classes for potential hobbies – cooking, pottery, photography, dance
  • Enjoying performances/exhibits in arts/culture – plays, music events, galleries
  • Reconnecting meaningfully with a few loved ones – dinner with closest friends/family
  • Starting new life chapter traditions – vision boards about future dreams, gratitude journaling
  • Giving back on your birthday through volunteering or fundraising for a cause

The focus should remain on personalized, introspective, or philanthropic activities allowing self-expression versus Performative celebrations in front of crowds. Quieter individuals may find greater joy in quality time with their favorite people, learning experiences to uncover new passions, or chances to spread kindness on their important day.

Partying with hordes of acquaintances is not the only way to have an amazing, memorable 18th birthday aligned with your authentic self.

planning your 18th birthday luxurious spa day

Foodie 18th Birthday Party Ideas

Foodie 18th birthday party ideas allow you to feature culinary activities and incorporate tasty menus into your milestone age celebration so guests can snack on delicious treats while learning new cooking techniques or expanding their adventurous palates. Plan birthday bashes that creatively blend food, friends, and flavorful fun!

66. International Smorgasbord

Sample exotic cuisine from around the world by organizing potluck parties where friends each contribute signature dishes reflecting their family’s cultural heritage.

67. Cooking Classes

Learn tricks for perfecting scrumptious creations guided by skilled instructors teaching preparation across cuisines from flawless pasta crafting intricate French pastries show stopping cake decor.

68. Online Cooking Classes

Virtually master new recipes and kitchen skills through conveniently accessed online cooking class tutorials viewable from the comfort of home kitchens.

69. Cookout

Fire up sizzling kebabs, vibrant veggie packets, and trademark barbecue specialties at outdoor birthday cookouts in relaxing open-air environments.

special 18th birthday plans polaroid picture station

Creative 18th Birthday Party Ideas

Creative 18th birthday party ideas encourage artistic expression by incorporating craft activities into the milestone age celebration, as turning 18 inspires imaginative themes for DIY decor, homemade gifts, or collaborative art projects with friends. Embrace crafty decorations, interactive workshops, and innovative memorialization techniques when brainstorming your Pinterest-worthy bash!

70. Painting Classes

Wield fine-tipped brushes creating personal canvas artwork in guided painting sessions teaching essential techniques from still life rendering dynamic acrylic pouring.

71. Drawing Classes

Hone artistic talents by bettering sketching skills during intricate drawing workshops teaching fundamentals like proportion, shading, and point perspective useful for impressive illustrations.

72. Art Classes

Find inspiration to get creative in supportive art class settings under the guidance of talented teachers assisting across mediums like pottery sculpting, fluid acrylics, and pastel blending.

73. Pottery Classes

Craft beautiful bowls, vases, and decorative objects by getting hands-on with clay during cathartic pottery wheel sessions guiding you to shape expert vessels.

Unique 18th Birthday Party Ideas

Unique 18th birthday party ideas allow for unconventional celebrations because milestone ages call for imaginative themes that channel the birthday teen’s distinctive personality, interests, and dreams. Turning 18 allows personalized parties with interactive adventures, avant-garde venues, custom cuisine, and distinctive décor unlike any other bash.

74. Photography Classes

Develop sharper photography abilities learning tricks capturing breathtaking landscape vistas to frame-worthy portraits during hands-on camera workshops.

75. Acting Classes

Embody roles with theatrical flair in acting lessons building fearlessness improvising characters and conveying compelling emotions in scene rehearsals.

76. Camping

Trade busy city luxuries for simple open-air tent stays surrounded by nature’s peace or lodging at cozy cabin rentals equipped with rustic fireplace lounge areas.

77. Decade-Themed Party

Pick a nostalgic era from the past as inspiration for radical birthday outfit motifs, themed cuisine, music playlists, decorative trends, and cultural references.

78. Smartphone Scavenger Hunt

Navigate neighborhoods deciphering photo-based clues directing teams towards mystery landmarks as they competitively race to checkpoint destinations.

Cheap 18th Birthday Party Ideas

Cheap 18th birthday party ideas prioritize laughter and connection since 18th birthdays can be inexpensive yet still spectacular when you focus on sentimental gestures over lavish frills, instead celebrating with thoughtful details and quality time shared between loved ones.

79. Karaoke

Belt out entertaining tunes smashing awful notes for endless amusement during living room karaoke sessions using smart TV streaming services to access expansive song libraries.

80. Movie Marathon

Entertain yourself with hours of free entertainment by curating marathon lineups of favorite nostalgic films or buzzy hits enjoyed from comfortable couch locales.

81. Thrift Shopping

Discover pre-loved fashion gems showcasing distinctive style while supporting sustainable consumption by browsing area thrift and consignment stores.

At-Home 18th Birthday Party Ideas

At-home 18th birthday party ideas provide intimate settings where you can involve household activities and allow for personalized details, customizing every aspect from the guest list to décor for milestone birthdays with only your closest friends and family in attendance.

82. Lawn Games

Get playful in the sunshine by organizing outdoor lawn game competitions daring friends to cone of shames in bag toss, croquet trick shots or wobbly-legged races three-legged sack relays built friendship bonds.

83. Sleepovers

Recapture childhood birthday magic with pajama-clad sleepover parties complete with pillow forts, nostalgic movies from youth and silly late-night bonding conversations.

84. Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Accept digitized scavenger hunt dares across web channels and social media sites as creative online hosts provide obscure image examples to digitally replicate and submit.

85. Virtual Escape Rooms

Conquer interactive puzzles during virtual escape room adventures from anywhere guiding your avatar to locate clues and unlock tricks before times run out.

86. Virtual Game Nights

Log onto multiplayer servers for captivating virtual game nights as custom characters cooperate crossing digital worlds together or competing in trivia death matches.

87. Online Trivia

Test pop culture prowess and obscure knowledge during enthralling trivia sessions by logging into online servers to face off other competitive players.

88. Dinner Party

Toast your milestone surrounded by loved ones over home-cooked feasts or decadent restaurant reservations commemorating shared memories between courses.


Customize activities for an 18th birthday party that balances youthful fun with your emerging adult interests. Make the day distinctly yours by highlighting special hobbies, new privileges, or ways of giving back that reflect who you are becoming. Most importantly, celebrate milestones with people loving you at every age.


1. What are some cost-effective ways to celebrate an 18th birthday?

Most ideas in the article suggest gatherings like BBQ parties or movie nights, which can be economical as they can be hosted at home with minimal expenses on decorations and food.

2. How can I plan an 18th birthday party for someone who loves technology?

Consider hosting a video game tournament, virtual game night, or a high-tech scavenger hunt using smartphones. These activities allow tech enthusiasts to engage with their passion while celebrating.

3. What are some unique winter-themed 18th birthday party ideas?

Organize an indoor ski party at a local indoor slope, a hot chocolate bar, or a winter wonderland-themed dance with snow machines and icicle decorations.

4. How can someone with limited mobility enjoy their 18th birthday outdoors?

Choose accessible venues like public parks with paved paths, plan a scenic drive, or host a garden party where everything is within easy reach and ground level.

5. What are some environmentally friendly ways to celebrate an 18th birthday?

Opt for a zero-waste party theme with reusable decor, digital invitations, and a menu featuring locally-sourced, organic foods. Hosting a cleanup day at a local park or beach can also be a meaningful way to celebrate. 

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