Sloth Hiking Team Bottle

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The Sloth Hiking Team Bottle features a playful design that symbolizes the joy of hiking at one’s own pace. It humorously connects the slow nature of sloths with the relaxed spirit of hikers who savor every moment on the trail. This bottle is perfect for those who appreciate the journey as much as the destination, embodying a laid-back approach to outdoor adventures.

Sloth Hiking Team Bottle Details

Feature Description
Material Constructed of coated stainless steel for durability and longevity.
Size One size: 20oz (0.6l), suitable for adequate hydration throughout the day.
Lid Design Features a durable loop-handle plastic lid, ensuring a leak-proof and secure closure.
Drinking Mechanism Includes a leak-proof plastic pivot spout and an inner plastic straw for easy sipping.
Coating Equipped with an ORCA coating, ensuring brighter color transfer and a more durable finish.
Care Instructions Recommended to be hand washed only to maintain the quality of the design and material.
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