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The “Self Stirring Mug” is a playful and humorous product, cleverly designed to mimic the appearance of an innovative self-stirring device. However, in a surprising twist, it is actually just a regular mug without any self-stirring capabilities. This amusing item plays a light-hearted joke on users, as they soon realize that they still need a traditional spoon to mix their drinks. It’s a fun, cheeky gift meant to provoke laughs and light-hearted moments, especially when the moment of realization dawns that it’s all just a playful ruse.

Self Stirring Mug Details

Feature Description
Material Durable ceramic, suitable for daily use.
Sizes Available 11oz and 15oz, catering to different preferences.
Microwave and Dishwasher Safe Convenient for everyday use.
Printing Compatibility Supports DTG and DTF printing for personalization.
Color Options Variety of accent colors for a distinctive look.
Dimensions Available in two sizes: 11oz (3 1/4″ height x 3 3/20″ diameter) and 15oz (4 7/10″ height x 3 4/5″ diameter).
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