Diane Callahan – Writing Consultant

Diane Callahan is a luminary in the literary world, celebrated for her multifaceted career as a fiction writer, developmental editor, and insightful host of the Quotidian Writer YouTube channel. With a BA in Honors English and psychology from Ohio State University, complemented by minors in creative writing and professional writing, Diane’s academic background is as rich as it is diverse. Her education, spanning over twenty-five courses in various forms of writing, has equipped her with a profound understanding of narrative craft and human behavior.

Professional Journey

Diane’s professional path is marked by significant roles that showcase her depth of expertise and commitment to the literary arts. As the managing editor at Story Garden Publishing, she collaborates with authors to bring to life stories across genres, from urban fantasies to fairy-tale retellings. Her tenure as Fiction Editor for Consequence, an international literary journal, further underscores her dedication to exploring the impact of war and geopolitical violence through literature.

With over six years of experience as a full-time developmental editor, Diane has honed her ability to provide detailed critiques for works spanning fantasy, science fiction, literary fiction, middle-grade, thrillers, and romance novels. Her editorial philosophy centers on strengthening the writer’s prose, enhancing characterization, and developing compelling plots, ensuring each manuscript reaches its fullest potential.

Specialties and Interests

Diane’s editorial expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of genres, including adult fantasy, science fiction, horror, young adult/middle grade, upmarket fiction, contemporary fiction, thrillers, mysteries, and romance, with a particular affinity for LGBTQIA+ stories. An avid reader and writer, she dedicates her free time to crafting short stories and poems, many of which have found homes in prestigious publications.

Personal Life and Passions

Born and raised in Central Ohio, Diane’s zest for life extends beyond the written word. She is an adventurer at heart, often embarking on road trips to explore the natural beauty of National Parks and the cultural richness of art museums. A self-described geocacher and bucket list enthusiast, Diane’s pursuits are as varied as they are inspiring, from culinary experiments to international travel.

Joining Shop Mimi Miller

At Shop Mimi Miller, Diane Callahan offers her services as a Writing Consultant, providing personalized advice, workshops, and editorial services to our community of writers. Whether you’re drafting your first novel, seeking to deepen your understanding of narrative techniques, or navigating the complexities of publishing, Diane’s guidance is tailored to help you achieve your writing goals.

Explore, create, and grow with Diane at Shop Mimi Miller, where every story matters and every voice is celebrated.