Renew-Garment Refresh Spray


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Created for those garments that don't need to be washed everyday (i.e. jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, etc.) Formulated using non-toxic, antibacterial ingredients, no synthetics allowed. Happy skin + happy clothes! This is NOT a replacement for your washing machine, rather an in-between refresh so you can wear your favorite pieces more often + save water. Because around here we love versatility, these sprays can also be used as linen or room sprays. 

Ingredients: water, alcohol, essential oil blend (eucalyptus, lemon, geranium)

What it smells like: Notes of citrus with an herbaceous scent, hints of floral notes from the geranium

How to use:

Give the bottle a vigorous shake + spritz the entire garment, focusing on areas that are stinkier than others. The garment should feel damp but not saturated. Let it air dry for a few minutes while you continue getting ready.

*Always test a small piece to ensure the quality of your garment. Not intended for use on silk.

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